Pendulum Restaurant in Vail, Colorado is located in the iconic Gorsuch Clock Tower and features a “modern lodge” aesthetic that draws inspiration from Colorado’s natural surroundings. Chef Jake Burkhardt’s innovative menu favors an American style accented with Latin influences and is paired with a thoughtful wine list and an elevated spirits collection.

Jake Burkhardt

Executive Chef


Growing up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Chef Jake Burkhardt has always had a passion for cooking. Having the opportunity to be apart of an accelerated program that allowed him to study at three different locations throughout the United States, Burkhardt obtained a Bachelors Degree at Johnson & Whales University.

After completing school, Burkhardt held many positions at notable restaurants nationwide. In 2007, Burkhardt took the position as Executive Chef at Green’s Gourmet in Las Vegas where he wrote and executed over 150 different event menus. He then moved on to Village Steakhouse, where he also held the position of Executive Chef and incorporated an Italian/Asian fusion with the American kosher steak house concept.

In 2010, he moved to the Bay Area to assume the role of  Executive Sous Chef at Mayfield Café in Palo Alto, known for its locally sourced Californian fare, beautiful open kitchen, and notable bakery. Burkhart’s background in high-quality baked goods plays an integral role with Pendulum and White Bison, where he directs the bakery program in addition to the innovative culinary oversight of both restaurants.

Burkhardt eventually moved to Aspen, Colorado when he was offered the position of Executive Chef at Aspen Kitchen, where he gained acute understanding of the indigenous Rocky Mountain ingredients and inspired seasonal ingredients. In 2016, he moved to Vail Valley and was named Executive Chef of Pendulum and White Bison, two new additions to the local Colorado restaurant scene.

When Burkhardt is not in the kitchen, he enjoys playing with his 8 month old puppy, Bear. He takes advantage of Colorado’s great outdoors by camping, mountain biking, hiking and snowboarding in his spare time.

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